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GelMotion® Technology

Introducing Our GelMotion® Technology

With GelMotion®, we’ve developed a proprietary, versatile impact energy management system that provides riders with a helmet technology that’s
comfortable, reliable, and high-performance. Gelin’ For Your Melon.

GelMotion® Technology


During an impact with our GelMotion® technology system, the surrounding EPS foam PLUS our energy-absorbing gel pads work harmoniously to displace energy upon impact. The pads maintain their shape over time for consistent performance.


Our gel-cell pads mimic the movement of the Loose Areolar Connective Tissue found in the human head. This mesh-like layer located between the skull and scalp has a fluid-like matrix that flexes and provides movement to protect your head.


The strong and flexible pads create an energy management system by working together to absorb and distribute energy created by a linear impact by engaging and ‘squishing’ before the EPS foam of the helmet feels the effects of the impact.
But, not all impacts are linear. To absorb the energy of oblique or rotational impacts, our GelMotion® system flexes and moves sideways in a shearing action to absorb and dissipate rotational energy before the EPS foam is ever engaged.