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Eyewear Technology

Meet our proprietary
XEYEON® lens technology

Developed by LEMi® to deliver maximum visual performance, XEYEON’s 100% UV protection, precision-engineered optics offer high contrasts, premium protection, and enhanced image sharpness.

Building our XEYEON lenses starts with sourcing the best technology. From here, we design and create optimal optics with attributes that provide comfort and performance for a variety of activities.

With a dedication to performing high-quality control throughout the entire production and testing processes, the results define our mission to create a high-standard, high-performance optical experience for all of your adventures.

New performance standards
Xeyeon® lenses
for sports eyewear

Whether you are a professional road cyclist or mountain biker or you just love outdoor sports on the road, at sea, or in the mountain, you need lightweight sports sunglasses with a great fit, with lenses that protect your eyes and that you can dare to have a clear vision and a perfect contrast. .

LEM is among the few brands in the sports eyewear market that can count on the production of both eyewear and lenses. The LEM team constantly works on the research and development of new materials, designs, colors, and treatments always in line with current trends and a look to the future. .

LEM guarantees 100% UV protection and excellent performance to allow you to enjoy your favorite sport fully and safely.

The family of high contrast
Xeyeon® lenses

LEM, directly managing the entire production process of its Xeyeon® lenses, integrating scientific research, development, production, quality control, sales, and assistance guarantees excellent and certified quality and performance.

The superior optics performance in each lens is the result of continuous research & development to offer customers the highest quality sunglass lenses in full compliance with the primary international standards. The result is safe and robust glasses with lenses featuring high sharpness and resolution.

The Xeyeon® marking engraved on the lens guarantees the uniqueness and authenticity of the LEM-certified technology of the entire family of its lenses, from polarized to photochromic ones.

For LEM, sports sunglasses, even before being an aesthetic accessory, are a needed item that filters ultraviolet radiation, which is very harmful to your eyes. The LEM Xeyeon® range of lenses can be adapted to all face shapes, ensuring greater coverage from UVA and UVB rays. LEM’s lenses color range has been developed based on long research that does not focus only on an aesthetic factor, but on the performance of sharpness in different environments. LEM experts will recommend one color rather than another depending on the environment in which you will use your sunglasses.